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5 Top Tips for Finding Friends Remotely!

Starting university can be daunting at the best of times, but with the threat of Covid 19 prevailing, both academic and social events are mainly being held online or in a physically distanced format. It may seem like this makes the challenge of making new friends at university that bit harder, but this is absolutely not the case! There are so many ways to connect with fellow students, even in isolation. So, here are 5 top tips on how to meet new people remotely at university this year:

1. Join Group Chats

At St Andrews, almost every subject (as well as general groups and societies) has a group chat. You can find links to each of them here: https://www.yourunion.net/freshers2020/chats/ These chats are a great way to meet people who are taking the same subjects as you, or have the same interests! Feel free to introduce yourself and reply to other people's questions and comments; this can really help you get to know people.

2. Join Societies

Despite the pandemic, most societies are still taking members from September! Societies can be a great way to meet people with similar interests and get involved with a closer group of friends. A lot of societies are still running virtual events such as online quizzes or even online classes to take part in. Take a look at the range of societies on offer here: https://www.yourunion.net/activities/societies/societiesa-z/

3. Look Out for Facebook Events

The majority of events at university are advertised through Facebook, so it's definitely a good idea to stay active and keep an eye out! Lots of events will still be running either online or socially distanced and these can all be found on online. Make sure you join pages such as the University of St Andrews Class of 2024 page, and any society or group pages you may be interested in. Taking part in events like these is a great way to find like-minded people and stay actively involved in university life. Also, take a look at the events page on the union website to get updates on events to get involved in! https://www.yourunion.net/freshers2020/events/

4. Get in Touch with Classmates Outside of Lesson Time

It's likely that classes will look a little different this year, with most lectures and seminars taking place on Microsoft Teams. Although it may be daunting, try to leave your camera on during video calls. This adds a personal touch to the remote class and provides an extra level of interaction that will help you engage more with your classmates. Also, feel free to send them a message outside of your class time to get to know them better without the pressure of a tutor being present!

5. Get Involved in Your Halls of Residence

Finding out who you'll be living with is one of the most exciting parts of starting university. Each of the halls at St Andrews have their own group page and lots of them can help you find out who else will be in the rooms around you.You can find these pages on Facebook. Getting to know these people is a great way to make friends, as you'll be seeing them around a lot! Send them a message or get involved in any events your halls are holding. This really helps to build the community around you and and means you get to know lots of people, even before you move in.

Despite the obvious changes to our every day lives, there is absolutely no reason to worry about making friends as you join university. Stay active on social media, and keep an eye out for online or physically distanced opportunities and events; I know you'll have a great time! Please feel free to message me on the contact me page if you have any thoughts or questions.

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